I went to my energy healing physical therapy appointment this past week and when I walked in she said tell me what’s going on. I had to cancel a couple of appointments and I always feel so good during and after my appointments it has to be bad for me to miss one, never mind two. She was worried I had a flare and that was why I had missed. When I told her I hadn’t flared she was thrilled for me and then asked what was going on. I filled her in on my situation and she told me to get up on the table. As she was feeling around she said that my right lung was a little bit worse than my left lung. It is funny since the doctor who listened to my lungs said the same thing. He heard fluid in my right side but didn’t hear anything in my left side.

She worked her magic and sent the energy where-ever it needed to go and we had a great hour of talking and laughing while she did her healing. She gave me right lung to liver home-work and I have been doing it. Honestly my lungs feel so much better. I think I have finally kicked this thing and can say with great certainty I’m back to base line.

My lung capacity still needs work and I will increase and strengthen that daily with moderate exercise and lots of Bikram until I’m breathing and able to get my heart rate back to where it was. I do feel like I don’t have to worry at this point and can start to push it more. She did say to me that my body felt strong to her and I felt wonderful after hearing that comment. Her healing hands are exactly what I need weekly to achieve the level of health I desire.


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