There are many times I use the cliché “One step at a time’ however there have been a few times in my life that it really meant something. When I was diagnosed with MCTD and I was so tired and so sore I felt like I couldn’t walk but knew I had to do something. On the suggestion of my rheumatologist I bought a pedometer and he asked me to walk 2000 steps a day. Some days that 2000 was non-existent and other days I would do it but it felt like climbing Mount Everest. However, as time went on I was able to feel better and increase those steps. Today I take anywhere from 15-20k steps a day depending on my day, what I have going on and when I’m in yoga studio I don’t log as many steps. Seven years later I still wear a pedometer only now it is a fancy pedometer called a fitbit. I really feel like I’m accomplishing something every day when I wear it and see how many steps I have logged. I have participated in walk challenges where all you do is count your steps. It is addicting but there are way worse things to be addicted to then getting in the most steps you can in a day and watching the ticker increase.

I’m ready to get back to my normal routine and sweat out all my stress, I’m ready to be on the elliptical for hours at a time, and weight train. I’m ready to be back in my boxing class but mostly I’m ready to get into the Bikram studio and find my calm again. My mind is ready for this stuff but my body isn’t quite there yet. So, I walk. I am able to take one step at a time. Again, this cliché means something to me. I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes the other day. It wasn’t a brisk walk but I’m functioning at about 75% of where I was before I got sick. The 20 minutes felt like a long time and I was ready to get off but I did it.

Today I tried again. I walked a little faster and pushed myself to go a little further. Every day I walk I will increase my speed and time and eventually my body will be ready for the normal workout I know it is ready for. As long as my lungs aren’t too tired and my legs aren’t too weak I’m good. I know my body has muscle memory so it shouldn’t take me too long to get back to normal. However, it will take as long as it takes because even I can’t push through some of this stuff. Relapse is not an option so patience has to take over and I’m being patient.


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