Happy Valentine’s all. Hope you all had a nice weekend filled with love or friendship or whatever you needed to make your day fun. My husband was very well aware of the fact that I had not been out of the house is way to long and even though I wasn’t feeling great he really wanted to do something special. He asked if I might be feeling well enough to go to brunch only for a bit of time and right back to the house if need be. I have not been hungry in the least bit but just the simple mention of brunch and I really thought I was ready to gorge.

Now where does a couple who is gluten-free and dairy free go for brunch? Any where we want! Yes we splurged and ate gluten and dairy. I’m not going to say “we couldn’t help it” because we could we just didn’t want to. He took me this place called The Frog and Turtle. We were there 2 or 3 years ago and have such fond memories of it. Our second visit didn’t disappoint. We sat at this quiet table for two and I instantly just felt alive. It was so nice being there and being with my most favorite person in all the world.

I looked at the menu and remember I haven’t eaten in nearly 2 weeks not really anyways so everything on that menu looked good. I mean everything. My husband could see it in my eyes and in his loving and supportive way he just said order whatever you want. Yes there will be waste but at least you’ll get a taste. I jumped at the chance so here is what we had. We started with a John Candy which is one of their home-made donuts dipped in maple syrup and sprinkled with pieces of crispy bacon. Sorry vegetarians you can think of it as facon for the purpose of this description. It was so incredibly good. The donuts are made to order so every one comes out fresh and piping hot. I then ordered the fruit pancakes and a side of home-fries. My husband go poached eggs with a croissant so I had all my foods covered. I had a bite or 2 of each thing maybe 3 on the donut but I don’t know when I’ll ever have a donut again so I enjoyed. My favorite part was the warm, creamy hot chocolate I got and I did drink all of that. It felt so good and just warmed my insides. Everything was so delightful and when the waitress came back she was sure I hadn’t enjoyed my breakfast. Oh contraire I loved my breakfast I just knew I wouldn’t be eating much of it.

He then surprised me with a gift and a kiss and took me home. He knew I had nothing for him and he didn’t care. He was happy to see me out and about and enjoying his company and that is what makes this holiday special for us. I got out of the house, took in some fresh air, had amazing conversation with the love of my life, was surprised, had a feeling of satiety, and felt so very, very loved. It was a wonderful couple of hours.


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