I have written prior that before I was diagnosed with MCTD I was not the healthiest person however my blood pressure was always normal. It just so happens that as soon as I was diagnosed my blood pressure increased. This is not unusual considering there can be a natural increase when we are in pain or have illness. I was registering on the normal high level and there were no concerns. It wasn’t until we were trying to have children that my normal high blood pressure was being seen as semi-dangerous. I was concerned and just wanted to get it down.

There are a few things that will normal decrease your blood pressure without medication. No tobacco, OK done, I won’t even consider smoking. Reduce alcohol and caffeine. Yep I do both of those things. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, check, check. Exercise regularly, I do this I just do it daily. Do not add salt to foods, OK so I have a flaw. I enjoy adding some sea salt to some of my food. I reduced it greatly just so I wouldn’t have to worry about it effecting my blood pressure but sometimes I still need it. I don’t eat frozen meals or canned soups and try to pick reduced sodium in other areas. One might think I should have a low blood pressure at this point. Unfortunately I still have a normal high but I’m on the lower side of normal high and sometimes I even register just normal. I have a machine at home so I can keep an eye on it and just make sure I’m staying in the guidelines. The last thing I want is to take another medication for high blood pressure when I know I can do it without medication.

While at the doctor’s for my bronchitis the nurse took my blood pressure and it was off the charts. It was registering high high, stage 1 high. I didn’t have the energy to talk to her about it and she didn’t seem phased by it so I’m guessing when someone as sick as me walks into her office and has a blood pressure like that it is just part of the illness. I however was worried and checked with my machine a few days later when I was feeling up to it. It was sky high. Granted I was eating canned soups and salty crackers but could that really have an effect? Was this all my illness? What was happening? I let a few more days go by and still way high. However, yesterday I tested again and I was normal, not normal high just normal. This is a good sign on 2 fronts, I don’t have to worry about having a heart attack and I know I’m finally getting better. I hope this means I’ll be back to my normal self in a day or two.


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