The last several days I have had excruciating head aches and discomfort so I was reaching for my skills that I learned in yoga to take deep calm breaths and try to quiet my mind so the pain would decrease. I spent all those hours practicing calm, and deep breathing but in the real world it is much harder. When I’m in the yoga studio I have nothing to concentrate on other than being in there and breathing and find the calm. However, while I was in bed trying to recover I had so many distractions that I couldn’t just concentrate on the breathing.

I’m glad I had the tools to try even while it was hard and I hope that I can get back into the yoga studio very soon so I can strengthen those skills so the next time I need to use them it might be easier. My body and mind are begging to be back in the studio but it might be some time before I’m strong enough to do any physical exercise. I’m working to get stronger every day.


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