Should you or shouldn’t you get the flu shot? People decide for themselves whether to inject the strand of the season in them hoping they won’t get the real thing. I myself choose not participate in the flu shots and reason is very simple. I work so hard to keep my immune system quiet that I don’t want to purposely inject myself with a foreign substance that will cause my immune system to rev up and start attacking. It is a viscous cycle and I prefer to keep my immune system quiet. Now with that said if someone could promise me that by getting the flu shot I wouldn’t get the flu ever I might endure the flare up for a day to make sure I don’t get sick but there are so many strands out there and I can’t get a shot for every single one of them.

Does not getting a flu shot mean that you are not willing to take care of yourself or you are not being a good member of society? This question was posed to me and I thought about for a nanosecond and realized immediately my answer is no. Not having a flu shot does not mean you aren’t willing to do what is necessary to be healthy and a good member of society. I understand the need for flu shots and if administering them to the masses reduces the risk to people and the spread of disease then yes I’m all for it. I’m just not willing to put myself through a flare-up.

Are there things I can do better? Sure every day I can find something to work on and most of the time I do. However, I really try to live my life to the fullest and make sure I’m doing all the right things for me and although I don’t think about the impact on society when I make decisions I need to make them for me. I might not have gotten the flu shot but I haven’t been traipsing around town spreading my flu and bronchitis either. I haven’t let anyone but my husband near me in 10 days and that’s only because neither of us is willing to move out until I’m better. In the end we all have choices to make some that people will agree with and others that won’t but the decision is ours.


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