When will I feel better? When will I have enough energy for more than walking downstairs? When will I take a deep breath without discomfort? When will Mr chest cold move out?

It has been a week today and I’m no better today then I was Monday this time last week. Every time I think I’m making progress, I end up back in bed right where I started. I have zero energy, I’m extremely weak, and this is something I’m not use to. Time will take care of this but how much time. I feel so frustrated and anxious to be back to normal.

My favorite past time is reading and I have not been able to concentrate on the words to even read while I’ve been laid up for a week. I think about all the books I could have plowed through if I could focus on the words. I was even having a hard time writing which is why I haven’t been on the blog in a couple of days. I really needed to unplug from all technology just for a few days and rest. I have done so much resting and yet I’m still exhausted. I have felt a lot of things over the years but nothing like this. This is just discomfort all day every day.

A week later I can’t say I’ve turned a corner but I can concentrate enough to write a few words. I’m having a hard time describing how I feel which tells me I’m in brain fog as well. My husband says I’m not making much sense when I try to talk to him but he understands my frustration and walks me through my thought slowly.

The good news is that my immune system has stayed away from my good cells. It is not in my joints, hands or feet. I’m not swollen in my hands and ankles. My skin doesn’t hurt and my throat isn’t sore. This means to me that my body is just doing what it is suppose to do which is I’m sick and it needs to heal. Not rapidly heal or tear through good cells along away but just heal. I guess I could use a rapid heal but be careful what you wish for. I’m longing to feel good enough to just take a walk and get some fresh air.


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