Sunday was my first day of the challenge so I’m writing a day behind. I got up in the morning and had my 2 Tbsp of EV00 along with ½ lemon mixed with it. I was most hesitant about this part of the process since I have never just had EV00 straight out of a spoon or glass before. I enjoy cooking with it or putting it on foods. I didn’t really want to try this but figured I wouldn’t be doing the challenge if I didn’t do as he suggests and considering it is only week what do I have to lose?

I drank my EV00 mixture and surprisingly it was not bad, in fact it actually had a nice lemony flavor. I enjoy the taste of lemon so I didn’t mind this at all. I continued my day with a breakfast made up with almond milk over quinoa and apples. My snacks consisted of vegetables and fruits and my lunch was a salad made with all fresh vegetables. I drizzled some dairy free, gluten free, sugar free dressing over the top of my salad. I drank a couple cups of green tea throughout the day as well as increased my water to 60 oz today.

The dinner was a little harder since we usually have family dinners on Sunday evening at my mothers. This week was pizza. Not home-made but bought at the local pizza parlor. I brought over a huge salad with all the vegetables and a my sister made a 4 bean salad so I stuck to those as much as possible but I’m not kidding anyone. They got me a gluten free full of veges pizza and I enjoyed it very much.

I took a nice long bath for my relaxation time and headed to bed. Taking care of myself feels good and eating clean whole foods is quite nice. Very satisfying really since it makes me think about what I’m eating every step of the day. Monday will be a new day and I’m not expecting any obstacles so I should be able to successfully eat a clean whole days worth of food.


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