I have spent the last 2 days sitting in the airport just waiting to see if I am ever getting out of town. At this point I would like to cancel all together but I’m making 1 more effort. Last night as I was heading to bed, (in my own bed which is great) I was starting to feel the effects of flare. I think I am just way over tired and stressed. However, when I woke up this morning I was still flare-up free and seriously on day 69. I am almost to the day 70 mark would be 40 more days then my ever so thrilling 30 day mark. I just hope with the travel, less not really traveling and just sitting all day in the airport doesn’t force a flare on me. I have been really good about packing snacks so I’m not eating any crazy food although I have really needed some coffee I’m staying away from it and downing the water. Coffee would just get me all worked up and I need to stay calm. I’m using all my yoga, mediation tools and reading a ton. The reading is actually great as well as people watching is a trip. If I ever get out of here I’ll blog about how my trip went. Or, I’ll blog about being home and enjoying that too.

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