I woke up this morning to it being -12 degrees. I don’t think I have ever felt -12 degrees before. I have heard the meteorologist say with the wind chill it feels like -12 but to the have the true temperature that low was quite a shock. I had 2 options; I could either stay inside where it was warm or head out into the cold but end up in the Bikram studio where it would be warm. I chose to stay inside this morning. When I finally did have to leave the house I was so bundled up in under armor, wool socks, a wool sweater and I stuffed my gloves with warming pads to give my hands some extra protection. It has been hard to keep the Raynaud’s at bay today, therefore, typing, writing and doing other things with my hands have posed some challenges. My saving grace is that I had used my warming pads between projects and took extra Niacin today. I’m hoping for some warmer temps tomorrow.

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