I have written previously about how my hormones can affect my body, mind and joints but it can also bring on an incredible level of fatigue. I am still flare-up free and could not be happier about it. The feeling I have for what is happening really can’t be put in words. I’m also ready to let go of the “when will the flare-up come” to just realizing I have made huge break through in my life and disease. This is truly managing it for me. I thought I was managing it before and I was, but this is a new level of management. I’m much more aware of everything happening to me and as long as I’m not suffering from brain fog I can actually describe better to my husband what I’m experiencing every day. This brings me to my hormonal fatigue episode. I was moving through my day at a normal pace thinking nothing of hormones or having any fear that something would change until it did change and changed fast. One minute I was working hard on a project while on the phone with a customer and the next moment my brain went to mush. I couldn’t really concentrate on the caller or form coherent thoughts. I knew I would have to take a moment and regroup only in that moment a wave of fatigue hit me hard. I didn’t exactly know how I was at a level 10 and what to do about it. I ended up just closing my door, grabbing some water and found some nice words to say. I just needed to remind myself that I was ok and that the brain fog would pass as soon as I was able to relax again. This is where easy mediation would come in handy.

I went home after work and found my level of fatigue was still high but manageable and as I started to relay the events to my husband I also knew that my brain fog was lifting and just needed a good night’s sleep. Even if I’m not having joint pain and issues related to my body I am still dealing with the fatigue issues. However, it seems a lot more doable dealing with fatigue on a regular basis instead of the other stuff. Again it is just about finding balance.


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