I had an incredible training session on Wed with my boxing trainer. Our class only had myself and one other guy who is pretty fit. We complemented each other well since neither was a weak link and our trainer could push our limits and ask for more out of us. He had us circuit training hard and fast between cardio and weight training. We knocked out 3 rounds each for 3 minutes of boxing at the end. The power and foot work really came together for me that day. I felt strong, he was telling me I was strong, and I it was unlike any other work out we had had together. I give credit to the small class and more one on one time.

After that hour of hard work I was shaky with legs feeling like noodles. Holding the steering wheel for the drive back to work was fatiguing and walking up the 3 flights of stairs I take every day, multiple times a day was a challenge. I wouldn’t trade any of it since I really needed that kind of work out.

I slept like a rock that night and slept in the next morning. My body didn’t hurt nor did I have any repairing issues to speak of. I felt like a million bucks and thanked myself for being strong enough to endure a work out like that as well as recover from a work out like that.


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