I can’t believe I’m actually writing today to say today is 60 days without a flare-up. I don’t know exactly how I got here or how I’m staying on this track but I don’t want off. I just want to thank my body for all it is doing. It is middle of winter and I’m doing something I have never accomplished before going this long without a flare in the worst seasonal conditions for MCTD. Every winter I walk into the doctor’s office and tell him I just don’t feel good, his explanation always has been that is because it is winter and this is the most challenging time of the year. I chose Maine to call home long before I was ever diagnosed with MCTD. After I was diagnosed my husband and still called this home. Many years into this relationship with us and MCTD we wondered if we shouldn’t call somewhere warmer home. Our long term plan is to go south and start put down new roots. I’m putting this off only because I have a nephew now that I can’t bear to not see regularly. I know many people have long distant relationships with family members but I need and want a strong bond with this little boy. Being a “Skype aunt” isn’t going to be enough for me. However, I have new hope that Maine might always be my home if I can just figure out how and why I’m having such a good season flare-up free.


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