The craziness is behind me and I got back into the Bikram studio which felt so good. The warmth immediately went right through me and I remembered just how much I love this practice. It is hard to keep it real hot in the winter time so if we hover around 105 or 106 that feels great. I instantly sank to my mat and was so grateful to be there. I found my calm mind and had a nice conversation with myself about letting go of any tension I was carrying in an attempt to get past this brain fog. Not that I can wish it away but if I get frustrated with myself I’m not doing any good whatsoever. The conversation I was having was uplifting for my spirit.

The 90 minutes went by so fast this time. Usually by the end I’m ready to leave the studio for some fresh air and I can feel I have worked so I’m fatigued but this time I could have gone another round. It was like my brain forgot it was under a cloud and just wanted to keep focusing. The act of truly focusing helps reduce the brain fog and the rest of the day was much better for me. I felt more in control and more like my old self. I could find my words, I could keep up with conversations and my brain was back to working like a machine. I’m not sure if I’m out of the woods yet with this brain fog thing considering I’m not sure where it came from, but right now I’m feeling good. The little things can make such a difference in the day and having my mind back is great.


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