I am over 50 days without a flare-up and feeling pretty accomplished. I cannot pin point exactly what is helping but I’m just taking extra care and not pushing myself too hard. However, I say that and I’m stressed over traveling, weather conditions and trying to set up and prepare for my meetings this week.

I woke up this morning and didn’t feel bad, nor was anything out of the ordinary stiff and I feel no soreness anywhere but I just felt off, weird really. My mind won’t focus and I think I’m dealing with some real foggy brain today. I’m sure it is all stress related and I just have to remember to take it easy and take it one step at a time. If my travel plans fall through, so be it. I would rather be stuck at home and never get the plane than be stuck in my destination and can’t get home. The weather conditions on the east coast look bleak due to a blizzard. I really shouldn’t stress about it that only makes it worse. The problem is that talent or trick of turning off the stress.

As I’m writing this I have already forgotten what I wanted to say twice now. My brain is a quick moving machine so this is such an odd feeling. I have been very careful and have not gotten into any gluten so it isn’t diet related. I have decreased my sugar intake incredible since the day after Christmas. I’m not on sugar over load however, it could be residual from the eating I did during the holidays maybe and just catching up with me now.

I haven’t had any real time to exercise or get to yoga this week because of the prep and travel so that could be participating in the problem. I need to just relax and remember a lot of this stress is nothing I have any control over so I need to let it go. Maybe I need to a good mediation yoga class tonight to set the stage for a good day tomorrow.

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