Before I was diagnosed 7 years ago with MCTD I did a lot of traveling for work. As the years went on and I was dealing with MCTD my travel decreased. Currently I try to travel as little as possible. However, I really enjoy my job and will go whenever and wherever they ask me to go. They know that travel is difficult so they only ask in important situations. This happens to be one of those times.

Preparing to travel is very important for me because I want a smooth trip and don’t want to end up being in a flare while on a plane ride or away from home. My husband and I still travel for vacations as well although those trips are bit easier because the destination itself usually lends to rest and relaxation. Traveling for work is not relaxing but I just try to make it as simple as I can. Stress is a trigger for me so if I can elevate some stress before even leaving home it seems to help. I also don’t know when I’ll eat or if I will be able to find food I can eat so I am never without enough gluten free snacks to get me through many days. I try to get extra sleep heading into my trip and try get on early flights to my destination and returning home. Usually the first flights out aren’t delayed, it is the flights later in the day that get pushed back or even cancelled. I keep Tylenol Arthritis with me in case I start to get stiff or sore from sitting in airplanes and walk as much as I can in airports to stay loose.

When I get to my destination I always have my sneakers with me so I can work out or even walk every day and take baths every night when I get back to my hotel to loosen up and just relax from the day’s events. I don’t drink any alcohol when I travel and try not to eat any sugary or rich foods that could pose problems for me.

To date I have not flared during a trip and want to continue my good streak. I have flared when I got back home but I think that is fatigue related as traveling is just exhausting but I’m on a roll and don’t want my travel plans to knock out my good success.


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