This past week was my first real work week in a long time and every day was different some busy, some not so busy but I was able to complete the work week without flare-up or even level 5 fatigue. I feel very accomplished and made it 50 days without a flare-up. I just want to keep ticking the number up higher and higher and see where I can go. My journal shows a history that many of my flare-ups come on Fridays or over the weekend. This is probably because I don’t have much left to give after a work week and when I finally get home and quiet myself down that is when my body realizes it has had enough. I’m thankful that has not happened to me yet. I will keep plugging away slowly.

There have been a couple of mornings this week that I jumped right out of bed and started first thing and others where I took it easy. I like the flexibility this new strategy is giving me. I do pack my bag every night preparing to get up and head out early but I don’t push myself if I don’t feel like it. I have found that by the end of the work day I am still trying to get my exercise in, but there are days when I’m just wiped out. I at least try to make sure I’m working out at lunch time so I get some movement every day.

I’m incorporating more yoga and different types of yoga into my regime so it isn’t all gym based and now have my routine set up with my trainer so I can see what I’m really made of. I can’t wait for the first burn back with him. I might regret those words but I’m very much looking forward to working with him again.

Today I am rewarding myself with a day with my nephew. I love him so much and enjoy our time together even though he still isn’t doing much these days. He keeps me smiling. I keep telling him stories in hopes that one day very soon he will start telling me stories. There has got to be so much on the brain of an infant and no real way to communicate. I can’t wait to find out what he is thinking and what goes on in his beautiful little mind.


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