It was brought to my attention at my last PT session that I wasn’t really getting enough fiber in my gluten-free diet even with the brown rice, beans, fruits and vegetables I have been consuming. I need to find more ways of getting it and try to get to 30 grams a day. I started keeping a log to see how many I am getting and try to stay as close to that 30 has I can. While doing my favorite past time of reading I learned about the benefits of Quinoa. I had heard of this product before and most people that I heard speak about really enjoyed but I didn’t know how to prepare it or what kind of side dish it would make. As it turns out there are many ways to enjoy this high fiber, high protein food. I had it for breakfast with some peaches, allspice and almond milk. Once I cooked those 3 ingredients together I sprinkled some chopped pecans on top and it made a wonderful breakfast.

The breakfast was filling, tasty and had all the elements I needed for a well rounded breakfast. I liked the sweetness that the peaches gave it especially since my body is craving sweets right now with all the junk I have been eating. This is a way to satisfy the sweet until my buds and body just stop needing it. I will experiment more with Quinoa this week since I bought a big bag and as I know some of my recipes get eaten with delight and some get tossed, it is all trial and error.

Amaranth is the other grain I read about which seems similar to Quinoa and probably very interchangeable. I have looked up recipes for both Quinoa and Amaranth and found quite a few. It is always fun to try something new.


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