I went to Bikram on Friday and a hot detoxification on Saturday. Since Saturday was New Year’s day not many places are open and certainly no gyms which I find ironic since most people decide that day that exercise is going to be a priority for the upcoming year. I decided that I was going to go to a 2 hour hot detoxification yoga class which is really hot vinyasa and since I have only been one other time other than this time I’m still getting use to the practice and not sure what to expect. I did expect a lot of people to be there so I showed up relatively early and yet the place was already packed. I took no chances and went right to the front of the room. This vinyasa studio has no mirrors but there are windows up front so my focal point was the snow on the ground, the sun shining through the window at me and the river running rapidly behind the studio. Very pleasant as I looked out there and just drifted into the peace of the scenery.

I did realize the room was filling up quickly behind me but the woman to my right left enough room for me to feel spacious and the woman to my left was the instructor that actually practices not just calling out commands. I gave her plenty of room since she was obviously was there first this morning. So far so good, the room is a gentle 100 degrees the music is beautiful, the instructor’s commands are calming and I’m detoxing. We are letting go of 2010 even though for me it was good year and I don’t have a lot to release she does mention that now is a good time to clear the clutter from the mind. I have clutter so I release as much as possible knowing that I will fill it quickly again this new year.

She works on massaging our internal organs and although that sounds strange it really feels good, she also mentions that if our shoulders are talking to us it means we are strengthening them. My shoulders so talking and since this is a tender area for me I am relived to hear her use the strengthening word. I embrace the conversation my shoulders and I are having and know that over time this conversation will change to a more soothing one as I get stronger. The 2 hours go by so fast and I can’t wait for my next class which hopefully be in a day or 2. I love the intensity of Bikram but I also love the calm and soothing practice of hot vinyasa.

While we were in our downward facing dogs and pigeon poses the instructor came by and gave my shoulders, neck and back a massage. I don’t know if she recognized me as a stress, tense person or if it was because I was right next to her and an easy reach but I welcomed her massages and I always welcome when they help me get into postures correctly. If they ignore me than how do I know if I’m doing something right nor not. Bring on the attention, bring on the heat, bring on the conversation with my hips, shoulders and knees and bring on the feeling of empowerment that I get with every type of exercise I try. There isn’t much I don’t embrace these days and nothing that I’m afraid to at least try once but mostly I have this inner athlete that although I probably won’t ever be strong enough to achieve I have the mind and the will of an athlete and that is half the battle. I look forward to trying all different types of yoga this year.


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