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  Sunday was my first day of the challenge so I’m writing a day behind. I got up in the morning and had my 2 Tbsp of EV00 along with ½ lemon mixed with it. I was most hesitant about this part of the process since I have never just had EV00 straight out of a spoon or glass before. I enjoy cooking with it or putting it on foods. I didn’t really want to try this but figured I wouldn’t be doing the challenge if I didn’t do as he suggests and considering it is only week what do I have to lose?

I drank my EV00 mixture and surprisingly it was not bad, in fact it actually had a nice lemony flavor. I enjoy the taste of lemon so I didn’t mind this at all. I continued my day with a breakfast made up with almond milk over quinoa and apples. My snacks consisted of vegetables and fruits and my lunch was a salad made with all fresh vegetables. I drizzled some dairy free, gluten free, sugar free dressing over the top of my salad. I drank a couple cups of green tea throughout the day as well as increased my water to 60 oz today.

The dinner was a little harder since we usually have family dinners on Sunday evening at my mothers. This week was pizza. Not home-made but bought at the local pizza parlor. I brought over a huge salad with all the vegetables and a my sister made a 4 bean salad so I stuck to those as much as possible but I’m not kidding anyone. They got me a gluten free full of veges pizza and I enjoyed it very much.

I took a nice long bath for my relaxation time and headed to bed. Taking care of myself feels good and eating clean whole foods is quite nice. Very satisfying really since it makes me think about what I’m eating every step of the day. Monday will be a new day and I’m not expecting any obstacles so I should be able to successfully eat a clean whole days worth of food.



  I have finished reading a few of Dr Hyman’s books including The Ultra-Simple diet, The Ultra-Mind Solution and now on The Ultra-Prevention Wellness. All his books basically have the same message about eating a clean organic whole diet. His philosophy is that what we eat effects our body, mind and spirit and that cleaning it up will help find the balance many of us are lacking. His books are not based on autoimmune diseases but he touches on the fact that autoimmune diseases with chronic pain are associated with inflammation and certain foods we eat can actually increase inflammation.

I have always believed that what I eat can help or hinder my health. The problem is that like I’m everyone I’m extremely disciplined in some areas of my life but when it comes to my diet I have both strict moments and not so strict moments. I can tell when I have not eaten well because I can feel it in my joints. This is just an indication that I’m retaining fluid and have increased inflammation. I’m a woman that loves food and all kinds of different foods so it isn’t hard for me to follow the 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day as well as getting my lean proteins whenever possible. I also love sweet things such as ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, as well as ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter. I just have to eat less of those yummy treats and more of the good stuff.

I’m preparing to take the Ultra-Simple Diet Challenge. This is a 7 day challenge encourages you to eat clean, organic whole foods. At first glance it seems easy and I wondered why they would consider it a challenge. As I got more involved in reading the books and looking at the schedule of events for the day I realized this could be tricky. One of the things he recommends is not eating anything that comes in a box, bag or can. OK, that takes care of about ¾ of the grocery store. I have come up with recipes that include a bag of organic rice but just rice no other ingredients. I will also get organic beans in a can as long as it is just beans and salt. I have read that any food that has a thin skin is the best to buy organic. This is still a good time to stock up on root vegetables and lots of greens. I have a Kale stew I’ll be making this week and will post the recipe.

There is a lot of journaling this week. I enjoy my journaling time since I have a lot to write about most days and it is just another way to clear my head. I will also be accountable to myself this way and honest about how I feel and if this whole food thing works. One of the things it suggests in starting your morning with a 2 Tbsp of organic extra-virgin olive oil or (EV00) with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will flush toxins from the system especially the live for better digestion as the day goes on. That sounds like a tough way to wake up at 4am but it is only for 7 days so I can do anything for 7 days.

My favorite part of the program is an evening bath with mediation to elevate the stressors from the day. I don’t do much mediation however I know it works and just need to find those extra minutes at the end of the day to stay quiet and ease into sleep with a calm quiet mind. Today is my prep day getting everything bought, bagged for the week, making recipes ahead of time and mentally preparing for a week devoted to me.


  I’m so glad to be back into a regular Bikram routine. I was in the studio twice yesterday. I’m getting in there today and will be in there tomorrow. It may seem like over kill but I really need this. I have been trying to just stay so rested and was so worried about not having enough energy that I was doing very little exercise the last several days. Now that I’m home and not going anywhere I feel like I can push it again. Gently push it however. I am looking for the balance of pushing myself hard while still leaving energy in the reserves for myself. My husband is very happy that I’m home and didn’t travel but he knows I was worried about it for several days so now he doesn’t have to worry about me anymore on this subject at least.

My fellow yogis were so happy to see me and my instructor was very worried. I’m a regular in that studio so when they hadn’t seen me for several days it set the alert at high. I’m so glad to have that kind of support and love even from people that aren’t family and not even friends just really great energy.


  I have had success in staying flare-up free. I didn’t get out of Portland so I didn’t go anywhere but sit in an airport for 2 solid days. I worked very hard at staying calm realizing that there is nothing that can be done about weather. I was stranded at home which isn’t stranded at all. I was able to see my husband every night and sleep in my own bed. I did some stressful moments but not enough to cause me pain. My fatigue is up but that is just being unsure about the last couple days. I didn’t flare and I feel good.

I’m getting back to my normal routine and heading back into the Bikram studio. It has been many days since I have been in there and could use the warmth along with the stretching. I also need to find some time to get into the gym and work out again. It is time to find a routine and stick with it.

I am back to PT once a week and I think that is really helping to keep me flare-up free also. There are so many things I could account for my success and without them I could turn so I’m just doing everything I can even though I honestly don’t know what is working. I’m grateful to see 70 days without a flare-up.


  I have spent the last 2 days sitting in the airport just waiting to see if I am ever getting out of town. At this point I would like to cancel all together but I’m making 1 more effort. Last night as I was heading to bed, (in my own bed which is great) I was starting to feel the effects of flare. I think I am just way over tired and stressed. However, when I woke up this morning I was still flare-up free and seriously on day 69. I am almost to the day 70 mark would be 40 more days then my ever so thrilling 30 day mark. I just hope with the travel, less not really traveling and just sitting all day in the airport doesn’t force a flare on me. I have been really good about packing snacks so I’m not eating any crazy food although I have really needed some coffee I’m staying away from it and downing the water. Coffee would just get me all worked up and I need to stay calm. I’m using all my yoga, mediation tools and reading a ton. The reading is actually great as well as people watching is a trip. If I ever get out of here I’ll blog about how my trip went. Or, I’ll blog about being home and enjoying that too.


  I’m starting to prepare myself yet again for travel. The mental preparation as well as physical preparation is needed for a successful trip. The problem is I just did this 2 weeks ago and it didn’t work out so now I’m preparing again. These are the chances one takes when trying to travel in the winter time. It seems that we will have weather coming in on the day that I’m leaving. Whether or not I get out is still up in the air and quite frankly if I don’t get out this time I’m calling it quits on this trip. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something?

I am going through the motions of my relaxation techniques as well as getting more rest whenever possible and cutting back again on my intensive exercise training for the time being to ensure I’m not lacking any more energy than normal or needed. I don’t want to battle fatigue while traveling and certainly want to reserve as much as possible for long meetings, late nights, and lots of “being on” for people.

One thing that is really helping me sleep and I should incorporate more into my daily life instead of just preparation for travel is even baths. They are soothing and comforting. It gives me some extra quiet time to just relax and reflect as well as it gives me that mind release to head to bed without a cluttered mind. I make time for it in instances like this because I need to but what if I just made time for it because it is good for me? These are the things I think about and yet have a hard time incorporating.



  I woke up this morning to it being -12 degrees. I don’t think I have ever felt -12 degrees before. I have heard the meteorologist say with the wind chill it feels like -12 but to the have the true temperature that low was quite a shock. I had 2 options; I could either stay inside where it was warm or head out into the cold but end up in the Bikram studio where it would be warm. I chose to stay inside this morning. When I finally did have to leave the house I was so bundled up in under armor, wool socks, a wool sweater and I stuffed my gloves with warming pads to give my hands some extra protection. It has been hard to keep the Raynaud’s at bay today, therefore, typing, writing and doing other things with my hands have posed some challenges. My saving grace is that I had used my warming pads between projects and took extra Niacin today. I’m hoping for some warmer temps tomorrow.