This time of year doesn’t lack people needing a helping hand. There are so many things to be involved in and so many people that need help. A little bit of help goes such a long way and for some people it is the only joy they will experience this time of year when it comes from those that can help.

Every year our small office of 30 people gets together and sponsors 2 families that need whether they are families we know or complete strangers. This group is also a huge animal loving group so we offer help to our local shelter. As well, many of us OK me cry every time I see the commercial that asks “does every child deserve to have a pair of gloves in the winter time?” Yes the answer is yes of course, so we also get as many pairs of gloves as possible for the children need gloves campaign. We do this because it makes us feel good but can you imagine what it does for the people receiving it?

This is such a stressful time for people in so many ways and I wrote a post recently that I was stressed out. I am stressed out, but there are people that are hungry, tired, sick, and stressed. They are trying to figure out how to eat never mind how to provide a Christmas for their family. We all have our own things to deal with all year long and this time of year just exasperates the stressful emotions and feelings. I will always read about someone who is far worse off than I can even imagine.

In fact, I just read a post from a woman who is living with MCTD and she writes that winter time is the toughest time for her and she can’t do what she wants especially this time of year and that Christmas just makes her depressed. She can’t shop, bake, or even decorate a tree. She doesn’t have the stamina due to the fatigue or the strength due to pain in her body. Her story made me realize I don’t feel sorry for her because that is not what she is looking for. I think she is looking for someone to understand her. To understand what getting up in pain feels like and what fatigue can do when it takes over. I’m not surprised she is depressed, I once had a doctor say many autoimmune patients are depressed. I can’t relate to all she is dealing with and thankful that is the case but I do relate to some of it.

My hope is that she has a family member or friend that will show her the small accomplishments she can make not just this time of year but all year round and that it is just as important to be thankful for the small steps as well as the grander ones that we all want and need. She needs help as well but it is different help, she needs to know there are people out there that have similar experiences but that there is also a time and place for happiness in the midst of the pain and fatigue.


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