Last night was my work Christmas party in a beautiful venue right in the heart of the downtown Old Port. I knew all my co-workers were going to be dressed in their best and I too wanted to forgo comfort for one night and really look great. I choice a combination of beautiful, sassy, and very high heel to finish off my ensemble which I wore the entire night and unfortunately did not sit down even for a minute other than the car ride there and back. Everything about me said I was going to have fun last night and really enjoy myself. Sometimes you just have to throw comfort out and bring in pizazz

Now the next morning as I’m sitting here typing my knees and hips and are burning and were so stiff it was hard to get out of bed. Muscles in my thighs are screaming to be stretched out and even though I did a full stretch before even putting on slippers it isn’t enough. The pain may stick around for a day or 2 hopefully no more and since I’m going to Bikram this morning they will get a great stretch.

It was worth the several hours of looking good last night and I’ll deal with the pain today but it is a reminder that I’m not built like my other co-workers even the ones a bit older than me are probably thinking their legs are tired today but I’m guessing and pretty sure they don’t have that burning sensation in their lower joints. In my everyday life I wear low heels not high heels and certainly not the high heel I had chosen for last night. Perhaps those shoes will never be worn again, chances are good they won’t but it sure was fun to climb into a sexy shoe again even for a few hours.


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