I went to Bikram yoga 2 days in row which isn’t necessarily odd for me, but I had 2 very different practices. It all depends on the time of day, the food I ate, how tired I am, what my body is going through and my mental state. I arrived at Bikram after work and my practice was terrible. I couldn’t find my balance, I couldn’t slow my breathing, I was stuck in my head and letting it take over. I actually felt sick and had to not only take a knee but actually lie down on my towel for a posture to re-group. I really felt like those were 90 minutes of torture. I have had tough practices before and because I practice regularly I really notice when I’m struggling but this was different. This was almost agonizing for me since I’m so familiar with these postures and the people around me I felt embarrassed. The Standing Forehead to Knee posture is one I can hold for the duration and I couldn’t balance on one foot at all.

 Fast forward to today and I went to Bikram this morning and had a much better practice. I believe my body feels its best first thing in the morning and I was able to complete the 90 minute session without resting. I was able to find balance, hold my balance and it felt really good. My mind was present in the room and strong, my body was strong, my will was strong and it made for a much better practice. The reason they refer to this has a practice is because every day is different and I saw firsthand how 2 back to back practices can be really different. I know I have the will to do this class and the strength but I am reminded and humbled that this class is tough and intense and it proves to be challenging.

 The more you practice you do get better but the more you practice you push your edge and you also get stuck in your head from time to time. It is a challenge worth trying and even on bad days it is a nice reminder that if you can do this you can do anything.


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