I finished my 30 day challenge a couple of days early and got in a 150 miles of exercise. I realize most of it was done on the elliptical while some was completed on the treadmill and in my classes. It was a harder challenge than I thought it would be but glad I completed it and it is behind me. It is good to do a challenge every once in awhile and analyze how you felt doing it and how you feel when it is over. I feel relieved. There were many days I probably wouldn’t have worked out other than my Bikram class if I weren’t doing this challenge so it obviously helped keep me motivated. There were also days I probably shouldn’t have done anymore than my Bikram class but felt like I need to stick with the challenge. I did take a couple of days off and I needed them to recover from flare or fatigue.

As long as I’m listening to my body and doing what it needs I don’t mind pushing myself hard and resting when I need to rest. Sometimes I forget how strong I really am and if I continually push myself it reminds me that my body is capable of a lot. There are days when it is just capable of a leisurely walk around the Old Port but let’s be honest there is nothing wrong with that.

My husband has already asked me what my next challenge will be. I haven’t figured that out yet but it may not be a fitness challenge but more of a nutrition challenge. I am feeling like I’m not feeding my body very well right now and honestly I’m craving sugar morning, noon and night. I probably need a detox but I also know we are still about 3 weeks away from the bad eating season being over. I’m enjoying reading the “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and want to incorporate that wise thinking into my daily life. I’m surrounded by goodies, plus I’m making tons of goodies for my loved ones and when I go to reach for something the last thing on my mind is my apple. This too will pass and I’ll be back to normal eating, normal cravings, and indulgencing normally.



  1. I have to push myself every day to walk or hike.

    • mevsmctd December 6, 2012 at 6:39 pm Reply

      Keep pushing because walking and hiking are wonderful. I actually got to walk outside twice this week on mild days and it felt fantastic. Sun on the face in December is incredible.

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