I knew what was in store for me today so I had to get my mind ready and started in the Bikram studio. I took the energy of the other folks around and just let it soak in. The instructor kept saying clear your mind, clear your mind, clear your mind. I felt like she was talking to me because my mind is full today. After 90 minutes of feeling good and kind of clearing my mind I flew out there because my day needed to begin.

Today is a marathon shopping day with my mother. She stresses around this time of year and envies me for having my stuff in order, and done for the most part 2 weeks before Christmas. The ironic thing is I do this so I don’t have stress around the holidays and sure enough today I was stressed. We made a trip to the mall with list in hand ready to relieve my mother’s stress.

The place was a mad house, the parking was miles away so once we got parked I reset my fitbit and off we went. I figured I would see how many steps we took while out shopping and just see what it equals up. We were moving, we had a job to do and we needed to get it done quickly and efficiently. We were there just under 2 hours and logged 9300 steps. I am figuring that to be about 4miles. I stopped the fitbit once we got back to the car. I should have kept it running because from there we went to the grocery store and a big box store but I didn’t even think about all the steps I could have logged for the day. The good news is I got more miles logged today and reduced some of my mother’s stress, while spending time with her and yapping about the following weeks to come. This is a very special time of year when we remember what it is for.


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