This morning my mind woke at 4am but honestly I was not motivated to head out into the cold to go to Bikram or the gym. I could have put in any one of my thousand workout DVDs and worked out at home but that wasn’t doing it for me either. Instead what I really wanted to do was just get up and read.

At 4am the house is just beginning to stir and creek, the cats aren’t even awake yet so they aren’t begging me for food. The neighborhood is dead quiet and although the critters out back might be getting up thinking about breakfast it is way too dark for me to see anything. The wood stove was lightly roaring so my snuggie was needed (yes it is a backwards bathrobe but I love it) I grabbed my book and planted myself in my favorite chair. It didn’t take long for the cats to realize my lap was available and they came to join me. I got about 2 hours of reading in and found peace in my morning.

I have a few passions as you can probably tell and one of them is reading. It is very typical for me to have a couple of books going at one time. I always have a fun, fantasy, fiction, thriller suspense or romance one along with a non-fiction, self help that usually deals with nutrition, fitness, health in general or an overall good for the mind, body or spirit. I have tried to read 2 of the same kind of book at one time but that can get confusing so I try to keep them at different ends of the spectrum. I always have a book in my car, purse, gym bag and keep my Sony E-Reader loaded at all times. Right now I think I have about 8 books on it waiting to be read. I utilize our public library and love walking up there to get my books as well as mingling with the people while I’m there. They know me by name when I walk in and comment on the reads I’m picking up.

I’m so anxious to learn new things and to discuss what I have learned with my husband. He says he doesn’t have to read because I do enough of it for both of us. He also says this about exercise. Love that man!


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