Fatigue comes in all shapes and sizes for me. Monday I was so tired and felt like I was on a verge of a flare-up. I was lucky enough to have had the day off and I spent that time resting, reading, relaxing, and being able to find that quiet time helped me feel better on Tuesday however Wednesday I was exhausted again after a sleepless night. I’m not saying I’m out of the woods with a flare-up yet but I do feel so much better this morning. I often think that I mentally deal with pain and swelling better than I deal with fatigue. I find fatigue to be my most annoying symptom probably because there isn’t a medicine for it other than stopping and resting. When I have joint pain I will continue to do what I need to get done but when fatigue takes over I feel like I cannot think straight or form a coherent thought.

Most days I realize that I’m battling fatigue and try to walk it off or engage in some sort of activity. When I’m at work and it hits me I have to literally talk to myself and tell myself it is only temporary, you’ll get through this. Many times it will come on and I’ll head to the gym for a little walk on the treadmill or walk around the downtown area depending on weather. I have also been so tired that I have climbed into my car and taken a nap. I am the type of person that would take a nap every day if I could but that doesn’t always fit into my schedule. There is certainly a line that can get crossed for me where it isn’t my normal every day symptom but more like a flare-up is on the way type fatigue.

I am hoping that by taking it easy this week I have reduced my risk for a flare-up but will still watch things closely and see if anything else pops up like a sore throat or sore elbows. People around me can see when fatigue is taking over but they don’t realize how quickly it can come on and without warning. The fatigue comes and goes as quickly as a painful flare-up for me, only the after math of severe fatigue can take me several days to get back to base line.

I’m sure there are many autoimmune diseases where fatigue is a severe symptom or a trigger for flare. I guess you could say most people with autoimmune diseases probably all have chronic fatigue syndrome also. Just another symptom to add to the mix of an already long list of weirdness.


2 thoughts on “FATIGUE

  1. Lauren Essl December 9, 2010 at 3:15 pm Reply

    Impeccable timing my friend! I just awoke after along slumber and to be honest I was hoping I would feel better. But alas, I still feel like I could collapse if I do too much. Sometimes I do not know what too much is until I have done it….I feel as though the concrete shoes are back on! I am improved from last night though, my entire body was throbbing and I simply could not get comfortable. My poor husband patted my legs and I felt as though someone was hitting me with an I beam. As he patted me, I swear I could hear the echo in my head. (Fibromyalgia is such fun!) I didn’t say anything to him, he misses our couch time! My doctor mentioned that it sounds as though I am battling Chronic Fatiugue Syndrome, which is common with people with MCTD. He said as a physician it is hard for him to treat as there are no safe pills that offer help and that the only solution is rest, but not everyone can do that when they need. I think his frustration and honesty with all my conditions helps me accept my circumstances. I know I don’t look sick, but my word, their are days like today that I cannot feel my feet beneath me. The exasperating part for me is that when most people take a nap or sleep in there is improvement, and a pep in their step. When I rest, I am not peppy, just not worse. Due to my back injury and the MCTD I have a handicapped license plate. It started in the spring with just the placard and last month I went for the plate. It was a combination of humiliating, humility, and acceptance on a deeper level of my circumstances. It has helped me tremendously on days like these. Somedays it is the difference between making it somewhere and not. I don’t know about anyone else with fatigue issues and flare ups, but I have been known to go out, have such a long walk into a store and by the time I get there, be so tired, I can’t even turn around to go back to my car to go home. I get ‘stuck’. I have called my husband many times to get me and sent my son ahead to do the shopping while I sit and rest. I have a lot to do today so I am especially thankful for it. One other thought about these flare ups. I am going to try and purchase a barometer, and see if there is a connection to pressure changes in the weather and my flare ups. I am not sure what I will do with this information, but I do know when it rains, I make no plans because I am usually incapacitated. I have to wonder if I see the barometric pressue drop and rest ahead of time if I can prevent the severity of a flare?! I will bundle up today though and push myself to walk. I really feel like today the movement and sunshine should help. HonestlyI am concerned as I signed up to take a sculpture class on Saturday and I hope I can make it. I will go no matter what, but I just hope I can be present and learn something new. I guess worrying will not help. Today is simply not Saturday….I simply do not know how I will feel then. Most importantly I have to embrace the fact that this particular flare will pass. tick, tick tick, I am waiting….

    • mevsmctd December 9, 2010 at 11:19 pm Reply

      I know those days of just not being able to get stuff done and wondering when I will actually feel better. The good news is eventually I do feel better and the fatigue passes. On the days you feel good those are the days to get things done and when it is time to rest you have to do that too. It is interesting about your comment from your doctor that it is hard to treat fatigue. I too have heard that and understand it but it doesn’t seem to help when I’m deep in the situation.

      I hope in the next couple of days you are back to feeling better and can enjoy the feet and leg rub. I so felt your pain because I have had days where my skin hurts and how do you communicate skin hurting to your spouse. I don’t think the regular every day person experiences that kind of discomfort.

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