I found extra strength when I woke up this morning and just knew I was ready to take on a long and intensive work out. I had time before getting ready for our family Christmas gathering and I am fully prepared to walk out the door with food so I didn’t feel bad heading to the gym for 4 hours. There was a time not long ago that I was able to rock out 3-4 hour consecutive workouts and now I get 2-3 hour throughout the day. This morning I woke up and just thought I’m going for it and headed to the gym for my workout. I started with a quick cardio session on the elliptical for 30 minutes and headed into yoga for 60 minutes of deep breathing and warrior poses. I was feeling like a warrior considering that I spent so much time doing Bikram and it obviously it is working because going into a regular vinyasa class felt good. After class I grabbed my step board for 60 minutes of intensive choreographed step aerobics. The class was fast, fun and I was getting my heart rate up to a good clip and holding it there. We cooled down and in came the kick boxing instructor I stayed and did kick boxing. This was intensive for my upper body and I needed it. It felt good, I was feeling good, my heart and lungs are strong and I’m strong. I logged 9 miles today putting me at 44 left.

I had burned an amazing amount of calories and took myself home to treat myself to a great breakfast of a high protein strawberry smoothie, apple and peanut butter and a cinnamon raisin gluten free bagel. Make sure to treat yourself right when you put yourself through a tough workout. It makes burning the calories so much for fun.


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