I have been talking a lot about weight training lately but it can be difficult for some of us. OK me; I have a difficult time weight training. I’m physically fit but my strength is not where I would like it to be. It was described to me this way, as a person with MCTD I build muscle slower than the average person but I also lose it much quicker than the average person. My small joint areas such as shoulders and elbows are fragile therefore too much weight training or heavy weights can actually wear them out and make them sore. I have actually put myself into flare-up with too much weight training. By working my muscles too hard my body starts to heal and repair the muscles but I don’t have a shut off valve so it keeps healing to the point of attacking the good tissues and thus I’m in flare-up. I am aware that there is a very fine line with weight training and MCTD. My thought is low to medium weight is just as good as heavy weight but I have read that doing with low weight many reps is beneficial and then I read that less reps with a bit heavier weight is better. I tend to use a combo of med weight, med reps, 2-3 sets based on the exercise and now I have incorporated bands.

I got a lot of good information from reading “The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess” however, this book does recommend using heavy weights which at one time I could do but now some of my joints just can’t take it so I modify. The concept is really good and the book has a lot to offer. I also just read “The Abs Diet For Women” again this book had a lot of good information. I’m using the weight training information currently and also grabbed some good recipes from this book. On days where I have limited time to weight train but want to get some in I use the concept from “12 Second Sequence” which is a series of exercises done at a cadence of 12 seconds so you are doing it extremely slowly and only do about 4 reps of each exercise. It sounds strange but the exercises do fatigue the muscles which is what causes them to repair and build.

I’m not the best at keeping a weight training routine but I am more conscience of it now as I’m writing down everything I do on a daily basis during my challenge. In fact some regulars at the gym have commented on my being in the weight room more since they normally just saw me in the cardio room. Everyday I’m growing, succeeding, changing and achieving.


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