In an earlier post I mentioned that I got started with indoor walking with Leslie Sansone. Last night when I got home I did not feel like going to the gym so I decided to go back to the basics and I had a blast doing it. I have a weighted vest of about 10 pounds that I wore along with 2 pound hand weights and popped in my 4 mile express walk. It was a good work out with the additional weight and walking an hour after work always makes for a better evening. Sometimes I get caught up in intense work outs and like most people I get bored, therefore, mixing it up is key and sometimes just remembering what once worked isn’t bad either.

I will let you know that just doing the indoor walking by itself does not get my heart rate up to where I want it so I have increase the intensity and wear the weights but doing the simple moves and just moving for an hour is good for anyone. Leslie has many DVD’s ranging from 1 mile walks to 5 mile walks along with a 1 mile jog and others such as kick boxing and jog walk segments. Her DVD’s are all low impact and very easy to follow. There is no choreographic moves to remember and her work out is based on 4 basic moves that anyone can pick up quickly. If you are new to exercise or your knees and hips hurt a little too much to do real impact types of work outs try her, it may give you a little extra boost and mix up the muscles from a regular walk around your neighborhood.


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