Coming off the high of a wonderful day yesterday and the success of my first gluten-free Thanksgiving I took it easy this morning and didn’t wake before the first signs of sun. This is really a rarity for me but I had no where special to go and was in no hurry to find out what was happening in the real world. My mornings of getting up at 4am are nice and quiet and I get a lot done but I had nothing to get done today so why rise so early? Once I was up I lingered some more in front of the fire and thought about all the food I ate yesterday. It didn’t take me long to get into gear after that gluttonous thought. I headed up to the gym and rode the bike for 5 miles, elliptical for 5 with a final trip to the sauna. The sauna felt really good today and although I didn’t really sweat in there to release fluid from my hands the warmth felt good. 90 miles left.


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