I typically start my Wed mornings with Bikram however this morning I decided I needed to burn some more calories and knock off some more miles. Tomorrow is a big eating day and I need to be ready. I decided to hit the gym early this morning and get in 2 intensive hours of cardio as well as weight training. I have been so focused on my Bikram and cardio that I have forgotten all about my weight training. I need a good balance of everything and I don’t want to fall short on the weight training since my muscles need that the most. I’m not lifting heavy weights by any means but even medium or light weight for a fatiguing number of reps help build muscles and keep my MCTD in check. There was a time when I was much stronger and will work to get there again. I have to build back up but during times when I flare repeatedly it is harder to stay strong and weight train, but I’m trying to get back into a routine. 113 miles left.


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