Since Thanksgiving is only days away with Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner now is a good time to touch briefly on the subject of alcohol and why I choose to not participate in having alcoholic beverages. During certain times in my life I feel the urge to have a drink and enjoy some adult conversations and adult mischief like anyone. I do so when I really want too and after I have weighed all my options. The reason being is that there are certain triggers that can bring on flare ups and for me alcohol especially wine is a huge trigger. Many doctors prescribe certain medications based on the fact that you can continue to have drinks if you so choose do so and there are medications that allow this. What they don’t tell you is that certain triggers in these beverages can send your body into flare up. When I drink wine I know that I will have a hard time walking the next day. My hands swell more than normal and already my hands are very swollen. Doing this on a work night isn’t the smartest thing in the world for me and you might even ask yourself why would anyone drink knowing they would have a difficultly the next day. The answer is simply that I’m adult with a life and I too need to let loose and enjoy myself. I do so knowing that there will be repercussions for my actions and I do so knowing that my day might be ruined the next day. There are times that this is acceptable to me. Not many times I must add. Not many at all.

 I have experimented with beer, wine, liquor but beer is not gluten free for the most part. Most liquor is but after I drink I am full and tired. If I’m too tired how can I get up early and do my exercises. It also fills me up like crazy lady and who wants to be full when chocolate cake or ice cream isn’t the reason? My conclusion is simple. I would rather ditch the drink and have the chocolate cake, brownie or ice cream any day. The thought of putting extra calories into my body for “just because” occasions is insane for me. I would rather pick certain times when I really want to drink and when I can do so and take care of myself the next day. These times are for weddings, family get togethers, trips to camp, and times spent with friends I hardly ever get to see. It would not occur to me to open a bottle of wine at home and sit in front of the TV watching Biggest Loser and drink the bottle of wine. There was a time however, when this was perfectly acceptable but those times are gone and I’m living in new times with new rules and a new set of consequences.


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