My family is so supportive of me in many ways but when it comes to my health they are magnificent and do all they can to help me. This is my first gluten-free Thanksgiving and not only am I trying to find my way around the recipes that I can eat it has become a family affair. My sister wrote me and said she found a recipe for gluten-free pumpkin dumplings that she is going to make and bring as well as my mother called and said she was doing some research and there might be some injections in turkeys that might cause gluten flare-ups and what did I know about that. I love the fact that they care enough to ask questions, try different things and experiment with recipes.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for so many things and I’m so thankful to my husband and family. This year is also the first year having my little nephew join us for Thanksgiving. The holidays are going to be way more fun this year with a baby in the family. Not that he is big enough to even know what is happening but this is his first couple months of life and so much is happening. Maybe at Christmas he will be ready to play with paper and bows.


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