I was logging my food my livestrong.com and saw a Dare for a 100 mile per month challenge. I really enjoy challenges since they keep me thinking, keep me active and keep me motivated. I decided I would like to start my own 30 day challenge but I was doing the math and that works out to 3 miles per day. I already do more than that amount most days but honestly not every day because of how much Bikram practicing I’m also doing. So here is my challenge to myself… I will log 150 miles of activity not including Bikram yoga for the next 30 days and keep record of how I’m doing and what I’m doing. The 150 miles will be logged as walking, running, biking (inside stationary biking) elliptical, and stair climber or step aerobics classes. I will wear my heart rate monitor each time I perform one these activities so I have an accurate account of my level of intensity and will log the miles it sets for me. I will also use my fitbit to help me track my miles.

Even though I put this challenge out to myself I am nervous about it because I will still be hitting the Bikram studio regularly and hope I can find the time especially with the holidays coming to achieve this. This is why it is a challenge and pushing myself and keeping myself motivate will also help me to not gain the average 7-10 pounds everyone gains around this time. Let the challenge begin.

 What is a Fitbit?

If you are not familiar with a fitbit please go to www.fitbit.com and check it out. It is a small device that you wear on your body to track steps, calories and sleep patterns. The information is uploaded to your computer so you can track all these things and see how you are doing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. This is a new gadget and I have had mine almost a year now. I love it and wear it everyday. The community of fitbit wearers is amazing and I love to go to the message boards to see what others are doing. This device is similar to the bodybugg but much smaller. I keep track of my blood pressure as well since I have MCTD it can raise my BP even with all the exercising I do and although I watch my sodium I still run a bit high so this helps me watch it and report changes to my doctor as needed. I highly recommend this as a Christmas gift for someone you love especially if that someone is YOU.


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