I must confess that my Halloween blog was all about stepping away from the Halloween candy and who needs it, and why even bother with store bought, processed candy. I had an impulse moment and reached into that bag with no name and really no desire but ate it anyways and as it turns out it has gluten in it which is what caused my flare-up. How ridiculous do I feel writing this and telling everyone that I got caught up in the moment and ended up hurting myself. The truth is we are not perfect and even if I do the right things for myself most of the time I find myself doing something to put me in jeopardy and set me back. Will I be tempted by gluten again? Sure I will, but I hope it is not for a while and I hope I’m strong enough to recognize the moment and stop it. Remembering how I felt earlier this week will help me make the right decision but we don’t always make the right decision even when we know we have to.

 This just reminds me that I’m not perfect and no one is but every day is a practice in which we practice to be the best we can be and practice to be healthy and practice to be strong and realize every day is full of challenges but it keeps life interesting.

 I’m in the process of doing extra PT trying to rid the gluten from my system and my PT is actually the one that pointed out my mistake to me and we went over everything I had consumed and there it was the little morsel that got me. How foolish did I feel, how foolish do I feel, how foolish will I feel until my fatigue is gone and I’m back to 100% pushing myself hard again. Right now I’m not able to push myself physically during the day because I’m still recovering from the after math of my flare-up. This weekend I will have plenty of time to reflect, realize and rest.


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