I am back to base line today and starting my counting of good days again. Today is 1 day without a flare-up and don’t take these days for granted but I do wish I had more of them. I am still feeling the effects of the flare-up with a high level of fatigue and extremely swollen hands and feet. I went to Bikram yoga this morning in hopes of sweating some of the fluid off my joints and when I left I felt stronger than when I arrived.

The practice of yoga strengthens my mind and body and when I feel this way I need all the practice I can get. This is the time I need to remember that I am strong and mentally I’m capable of dealing with these flare-ups and the after math of them as well. Yoga helps me put this into perspective and seeing myself in the mirror balancing on 1 leg in Standing Forehead to Knee looking strong when yesterday I was having trouble walking reminds me that the flare-ups are temporary but my life is not and my daily attributes to staying healthy keep me grounded and balance.

I went to P.T yesterday during my flare-up and it was obvious to my P.T that I had eaten some gluten in the 24 hours prior to my flare-up that caused this. Part of me thinks it can’t be that I didn’t pick up gluten but part of me thinks if I did how that little wheat protein can make me feel so bad. I will be watching extra closely as to what I’m eating, when and where and writing this in my journal so I can perhaps pinpoint a trigger. I know being gluten-free made me feel better but I didn’t associate it as a trigger flare-up that fast. My goal starting today is to make it 1 more day than last time without a flare-up and hope that my body feels strong again in a day or 2. Already I feel so much better than yesterday and I’m thankful that my flare-ups come and go in a day. I realize many people with MCTD live days, months and even years in constant flare-up. I hope you can find the balance you need to get through your own flare


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