For many people finding out they have an autoimmune disease is overwhelming and they wonder where to start and who to listen to, what advice to keep, what alternatives to try and what foods will help. Health and nutrition are going to become very important to you even if you haven’t thought about them at all prior to finding out your diagnosis. If you are newly diagnosed and haven’t started thinking about nutrition you should. What you put in your body directly affects how you will feel going forward and can dramatically change your symptoms good or bad.

 I have mentioned that I have adopted the gluten free diet and for various reasons it works for me. It reduces my inflammation and allows me longer lengths of time between flare-ups as well as helps with my Raynaud’s so even when my fingers may turn purple they don’t hurt so much with no gluten in my system. I also find it helps me fight my fatigue when my body isn’t trying to process gluten and other processed sugars. The less stress I can put on my body the better. Gluten can be a stressor for me and no one needs extra stress.

 With this said, I really enjoy bread and pasta as well as cookies, cakes and pie just like everyone else. This time of year is a good example of all the gluten filled foods out there because with the holidays around the corner everyone is baking, baking, baking. I’m the same way. This time of year I really enjoy spending time in my kitchen making food that makes my husband smile. Who doesn’t love to see their spouse smile? When we first started our relationship I didn’t cook, I claimed I couldn’t cook, I would refuse to cook, everything I made was terrible. I had a fear of the kitchen that was made up all in my mind. The truth is I can cook, I’m a good cook and I really enjoy cooking now. If you have a fear of the kitchen get in there and face it. Try things, try everything. Try it over and over again.

 I love a website called julesglutenfree.com, this woman is amazing. First of all I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon her but I’m so grateful I did. She claims to have the best gluten free flour so I bought 2 5lbs bags. I figured if I wanted to have a sandwich again or a cookie that wasn’t as hard as a brick I was going to have to learn to make them. The grocery store is full of great gluten free things but bread is difficult to find that tastes really good.

 I also bought her e-books bread, cookies, nearly normal cooking and now a Thanksgiving one. She says practice, practice, practice. That is exactly what I’m doing. I finally perfected my bread making this weekend and it was so great. I felt so accomplished and my husband was so proud of me. I can’t wait for my next trip into the kitchen to whip something delicious up.


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