Could there be benefits to having a disease such as MCTD? I asked myself this question many times in the beginning hoping at some point I would find myself saying yes. I’m at the point where YES, there are 4 that I can think of. Although, some people say I live in a rose colored world the truth is I can actually find positives to this whole thing. First, I’m the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. Even with medications and living with a disease my health is the best it has ever been. I’m stronger, and more stably balanced than ever before. My weight is at a normal range for the first time ever and I’m eating better than I have ever done before in my life. I choose not to participate in alcoholic beverages unless I really want to them and I’ll talk more about that later. Second, I honestly can say that I have been sick, really sick twice in 5 years. The problem is that as soon as I start to get something my super immune system takes over and fights everything in its’ wake. The 2 times that I can honestly remember being sick I thought I would die. While people around me are constantly coughing, and calling out of work I don’t suffer from those same kind of illness. Third, having this has shown me how strong I really am and how focused I can really be. When I put my mind to something that could help me through this process there is no stopping me. Fourth, and final, I have found such a support and such a love in my family, friends and husband. When I need them they are there for me and even though they have always been there for me I just recognize it more now. I embrace it now and I cherish it now. These are benefits to having MCTD. There are benefits to having a disease.

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