Going 30 days without a flare-up may not seem like a big accomplishment to many people with MCTD but for me it feels so good to say I have gone 30 days without a flare-up. Between the Bikram yoga and going to Manual Physical Therapy twice a week and watching my diet and not becoming contaminated by gluten has really helped in my journey to good health and flare-up free.

 When I was first diagnosed with MCTD and got my medications right I was able to manage my disease much better. I was also in my early thirties and working hard at getting healthy. I was able to go a long time without a flare-up and really was able to enjoy my life flare-up for months at a time. About 2 years ago my flare-ups were much more frequent and now I can get them much more frequently and actually for many months I was getting them every month or multiple times a month. To say I have gone 30 days is great. I’m looking forward to being able to say I went 60 days and also to be able to say I went 90 days. Those will be great accomplishment and really every day we have to look for our accomplishment no matter how small they may seem, I know they are meaningful to me.


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